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Chris Scott is one of Edinburgh's best known photographers. The go to choice for photography across Edinburgh's creative scenes. Throughout his prolific career  he has been supporting artists and up and coming creatives across all genre.




Located all of over the city of Edinburgh, the city boasts a unique collection of Police Boxes. Commissioned in 1933 the city's chief architect Ebenezer MacRae created q new design which would reflect the city's architectural heritage.

 Once a monument to law and order, Edinburgh Ex Police Box group now seek to serve the community in new ways, creating various public engagement  events.


Helping men avoid loneliness and isolation and join in with other men and members of our community.

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The Laser Garden is an art science crossover project. A series of laser sculptures, the project explores the potential and creative freedom offered to us through our understanding of physics.

Supported by Edinburgh University and IOP Scotland the project has been featured at various events including Edinburgh and Glasgow Science Festivals, and at venues such as The Lighthouse Glasgow and Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. The project has generated considerable interest in the media and helped foster partnerships between art and science.


Inspired from Ambient, Electro, Trance & industrial genres; Edinburgh based producer Redcifer has created his own style.

Redcifer has collaborated on many projects. Supporting artists through creating soundscapes specifically designed for each project.



Hannah graduated from studying Performance Costume BA (Hons) at Edinburgh College of Art in 2020. She is an artist with a strong desire to make the world a more connected and greener place through creating ecologically conscious performance art. Through her work she aims to encourage a stronger bond between people and nature, bringing people together to create a sense of community.


Isabel McLeish is a multi-disciplinary artist and creative practitioner based in the Western Highlands of Scotland. Isabel is currently a postgraduate student at the Centre for Rural Creativity at the University of the Highlands and Islands.

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