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I rarely ask for advice, but here we go. I'm trying to decide between the NRGY 100 and the Enforcer 100. I've skied the NRGY and loved them until I snapped one against a tree at Jay. Had to walk down. They're light, responsive, nice in bumps (for a not-adept bump skier), quick in trees, great edge-hold for their width. The question is, could the new enforcer be even better for me? I'm 6' 240#. I ski all conditions, have a pair of beat-up Sultan Legend 85's for early/late season rock skiing and day-to-day work ski and a pair of 2011 Super 7's for deeper days. I'm looking for something that fills the middle bill: all-mountain, little o' this, little o' that, side country, groomers, bumps, etc., dropping minor air (hey, I'm a big guy), loves trees in new snow, steep -- controlled and precise or ripping depending on mood and visibility. I was really impressed by the NRGY 100's ability to do pretty much all of that but would entertain a stiffer ski if I had confidence that it wouldn't punish me in eastern bumps. The kicker is that I can't demo these ahead of time. We're getting them through work and I need to decide. Would love any input. Thx.

HDThe Enforcer


SEI am a 6'0' 210 pound 44 year old guy who is getting back into skiing after many years without. I spent the first 25 years of my life chasing skiing culminating in two seasons in Aspen. Things changed when I hurt my knee. I was an advanced-expert skier that could charge whole mountain. I am looking for a single ski that will do it all.I have good history with K2 and am looking at the pinnacle 95. My only concern is that it is a little light and wont hold up to my size. I have also looked at the Nordica 100 enforcer. Seems to have a bit more edge hold for my size. Volkl Mantra and hundred8 are both on the list also but I would definitely give up race like hold for ease of skiing and forgiveness. Any others you would recomment I look into?Thanks for your input.

I am 6'2" 210 pounds 59 years old. Ski Jackson Hole 50 days per year. Ski 50/50 piste vs soft snow. And ski groomers medium Fast GS turns. Medium speed off piste. Should I go to 191". I was on the 186 e88s last year and felt they were the right size. I would like to go 185 in the enforcer. However I dont like that feeling of falling over the top of rockered skis that are too short.

Slim CharlesPortrayed byAnwan GloverSeasons3, 4, 5First seen"Time After Time"Last seen"-30-"Episode count27NameSlim CharlesAlso known asSlimAge30sOccupationCo-Chairman, New Day Co-Op (2008-Present)Previous OccupationsEnforcer, Proposition Joe's Organization (2004-2008)Enforcer, Barksdale Organization (2004)Slim Charles is co-chairman of the New Day Co-Op and a former enforcer for both Proposition Joe's and Barksdale's narcotrafficking organizations.

After Wee-Bey was sentenced to life without parole, Slim became the Barksdale Organization's chief enforcer, working directly under Russell Bell, who runs the crime family while Avon Barksdale is imprisoned. He objects to Stringer putting product before territory after the loss of the high rise projects. When Avon is released, Slim Charles becomes his chief enforcer in the war with Marlo Stanfield. Although Charles proves himself a capable soldier on many occasions, the support he gathered around himself was not up to the task.

Charles was pleased to work with Cutty as he remembered his reputation as a soldier to be feared. The two gelled well together, coordinating assaults on Stanfield territory, but they were let down by their eager but dimwitted driver Chipper, who failed to follow their instructions. Chipper got himself and Country (who was one of the few remaining older and more competent enforcers) killed and Slim and Cutty were forced to retreat. Slim and Cutty attacked one of Marlo's corners alone; Slim killed a young drug dealer, but Cutty allowed the crew chief, Fruit, to escape. Initially Slim Charles thought that he had ruined Cutty's shot, but Cutty admitted to him and Avon that he had been unable to take the shot and was retiring from his role. Charles and Avon agreed that Cutty was leaving "the game" with his reputation intact. 041b061a72


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