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Who Buys Locked Iphone 6

Your iPhone might be locked to your carrier. Unlocking your iPhone means that you can use it with different carriers. To contact your carrier and unlock your iPhone, use these steps. You can find out if your iPhone is locked by going to Settings > General > About. If "No SIM restrictions" appears next to Carrier Lock, your iPhone is unlocked.

who buys locked iphone 6

You can sell your iPhone device whether it is locked or not. There are several kinds of locks that may affect the efficiency of your device, including activation lock, password lock, and iCloud lock. Keep reading to learn more about each lock and what to do about them before selling the iPhone.

That said, iCloud locked devices do serve a useful purpose in life, at least for a tech. They are great devices to practice on, especially from a micro-soldering perspective as you can try things you might not normally on a fully functional device. They can also serve as a repository of truly original parts but you always have to consider if you are helping or hurting in keeping this cycle going.

@minho "and iPhone theft would be a rampant problem." It IS a rampant problem. Do you think thieves check to see if it's locked when they snatch them off a table, or out of a purse/pocket, or any other way the end up with one? They find that out after the fact and either try to sell it as is or try to unlock it and fail and then sell it as is.

On Monday my girlfriend and mine iphones were stolen, house got broken into, how ever my girlfriends phone did not have icloud activated, my was until i switched it off, for awhile, i had to do a factory restore just before it was stolen to reset all settings, does that mean it reactivated my iclod by default again?

Fun fact: You do not NEED to pay in order to remove iCloud lock, there are free programs out there. I myself am here because I made a series of poor choices which resulted in my iPhone 6 being iCloud locked.

Say for instance, apple adds a submit your email option to the activation screen. This way, if a device is locked and attempts are bein made to log in, apple sends the newly submitted email to the email linked to the email linked to icloud quoting "I have a device locked to your account, do you still give a &&^& pls". This way people who either lost their device or forgot to sign in can mail new holder using a third party app or smthn. Atleast some light!

Yes and no. If you buy an iCloud locked iPhone, unless you know either the account email and password or the previous passcode, you will be unable to unlock it without jailbreaking it, I had this problem on an iPhone 5s.

To get the best price for your phone, you may want to check its value with several different retailers. Below, we list the stores where you can sell or trade your locked iPhone. You can also see our full list of places that buy phones.

You never told us if it was worth the same price for an unlocked phone or locked phone to sell at GameStop because I have a iCloud locked iPhone XR and I would like to know how much that it worth. Could you tell me?

After entering the passcode incorrectly just a few times, your iPhone will lock you out from attempting more codes for a short time. Continue to enter the wrong passcode, and you might find yourself locked out permanently.

If you have a used iPhone 7 that is factory unlocked and has 256 GB of storage, then the offer is $135. Newer iPhones command more money, but the amount of storage that each device has also plays a huge part in how much cash you can get for it. A used iPhone 8 that is factory unlocked and has 256 GB of storage will fetch you $280. An iPhone X, used and factory unlocked, with 256 GB of storage, will bring back $455.

There are methods officially provided by Apple (which requires you to provide the right Apple ID & password, or any evidence that will serve as proof, indicating its serial number as well as a conversation with Apple) and other smart ways offered by online services and software. This article will provide you with seven (7) methods on how to get rid of iPhone locked to owner [without/with owner] issues.

To avoid iPhone locked to owner issues and the frenzies of getting activation lock unlocked on all Apple devices, always ensure none of these security features: Activation lock, iCloud activation lock, or iCloud lock is enabled or turned ON when purchasing the iPhone. Check the iPhone to confirm there is no lock before accepting the iPhone. Follow these steps to check:

Step 3: Make the payment only if the iPhone is unlocked and data is completely erased. If the iPhone prompts "Setting Up iPhone" when the iPhone is powered ON at first, you can purchase the iPhone. As a seller, go to Find-My-iPhone on the iPhone before selling the iPhone.

my iphone 6S is unfortunately disables & connect to iTunes even locked sim showing.could you please help me out from this problem? this is brought my friend from USA and when he purchase it was unlock iphone he purchase.

Iphone 11 pro got locked by itself, i guess is a pretty common problem but apple does not want to be responsible or accept the problem. I lost 3 weeks in pictures and videos of family vacation in Peru. actually I bought the iPhone just for this trip. And as soon as we came bak from vacations the iphone is asking for a passcode, i was using the phone when this happened, it rebut itself and then it asked for a passcode, i never used a passcode so i try some passcodes anyways and the phone is disabled now.I asked apple for help and the obly solution is erase the phone. Apple wont help at all. What a shame. Apple should help in these situations i would pay anything to get those videos back.

my iphone LCD broke so when i fix it it says its disablei did not sync my iphone to any device so now how can i unlock it?there is no apple store in my place so please just help me as soon as you can

My iphone4 is disabled after i filled up wrong pass too many times now i says connect to itunes,my phn is not connected to wifi so cant connect to itunes.i remember my pass can i enable it to enter the pass for last time.

my iphone 5s is disabled and i want to reset it using itunes but the iphone is not recognised by my computer. i did not manually switch on usb accessories so i have no access to the iphone. which other way can i set the usb accessories?. please help me.

Agree, this same thing happened to me. Ridiculous. When I woke up my iphone was disabled just like that!! Now a trip to the Apple Store to help since I have exhausted all resources on line to fix. Had to download itunes to try and resolve, this did not work..Very time consuming!!! So angry with this situation.

Hello! LCD and some circuitry of my iphone 5s got damaged and it kept on entering wrong passwords itself hence iphone is disabled. I never used itunes. when I access of icloud from laptop, it asks to enter code sent on (disabled) iphone. solution plz? I know the passcode

I am dumping my iphones. I will never use an apple product again!!their attitude is f the customer and so rude on the phone. Without my phone for weeks for poor reasons andPolicies. You can keep your stupid phones.

i have forgotten my password and it says that because of some security reasons it is locked and i mistakenly activated find my Iphone when i use to use it and i am trying to fix it from 2 years and everyday but i finally got this

Please the itune is telling me that it cannot connect with my iphone because it is locked with a passcode. that i must enter my passcode before the iphone can be used on itune. I dont know my passcode any more so i want to restore factory setting but itune is not giving me the required pan to do that. Please what else can i do because i have followed the steps to restore but itune turned it down

Hello! If your iphone is disabled and you must connect to the computer, and if you know the passcode you must to power off your iphone. You must open the phone and you will see try again in X minutes. After X minutes you can write the correct passcode and open the phone.

Nothing works. I have tried everything that I have been able to find for the past 3 days.Unable to detect the phone when plugged in. Unable to connect to iTunes. Unable to restore. Unable to complete the master restore. Just locked for 24 million minutes.I have really learnt to hate apple products. Charged ridiculous amounts for every small feature/gadget. Having to go and find one of the stores to able to fix a problem that appears to be common is just irritating.

sir i have iphone 5s but in disable mood and i don,t have a email id passward thats why i don,t want to connect itunes or restore or uplade because if i try to do this so i khow my iphone icloud locked sooo plxxx guide me what to do

Bought a second-hand iPhone and found it's iCloud-locked? This is indeed unfortunate and frustrating. In this case, in order to avoid unnecessary troubles, it's best to return the iPhone to the seller and get a refund. But what if you can't or don't want to return the iPhone? Don't worry! There are still solutions. Now, this article will show you how to unlock an iCloud-locked iPhone.

Not everyone can or is willing to spend a high price to buy a brand-new iPhone, so a used iPhone has become the choice of some people. But if you got bad luck and bought an iCloud locked iPhone, it would be a very troublesome thing. So you need to know how to judge.

However, the iCloud lock is sometimes not so obviously shown on the iPhone's screen that you can see it at one glance. Even if the iPhone is accessible, it might be iCloud locked. So, another reliable and accurate method is to check the iCloud lock status using your iPhone's serial number or IMEI number.

Step 6: When the page shows that iPhone has been erased, click Remove from Account to make your iPhone permanently deleted from the iCloud account. Finishing this step means successfully unlocking the iCloud locked iPhone. 041b061a72


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