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Metal V1.3.1 HTML.rar [Extra Quality]

Bare-metal and RTOS/BIOS examples of the USB device and USB host MSCare provided with the USB LLD. RTOS/BIOS examples are provided for USBdevice audio class. Please see the readme.txt in the docs directoryfor more info on how to build the example/demo application. Refer SDKrelease notes for supported EVMs.

Metal v1.3.1 HTML.rar

The OSAL library provides operating system abstraction layer API sampleimplementations that are required for processor SDK drivers. Scope ofAPIs supported in the module is limited to support OS services requiredfor RTOS or bare metal drivers

USB test applications are built using makefile. Some of the test application areRTOS/BIOS apps, other are bare metal apps. They are replica of the USB examples but built bymakefile instead of CCS projects. 041b061a72


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