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Why Track Higher Education Hardware and Software Usage?

Higher education institutions must meet student goals without exceeding their budget. The post-pandemic-induced inflation has created a volatile market, and resource wastage will only pressurize an already strained budget. With computer lab hardware tracking and software monitoring, higher education institutions can align student demands with their budget. 

Every university must invest in resources that students need to succeed. With LabStats, lab managers and CIOs can make informed decisions regarding software and hardware allocation across campus. LabStats tracking capabilities give IT departments insight into how IT assets are being consumed in their environment.

This helps them to optimize hardware allocation - enabling students to find the nearest available system quickly, and software management - investing in software that has the most consumption by student groups while eliminating the least used ones. 

Broadly, LabStats helps universities to identify:

·      Most used hardware and software;

·      Usage hotspots across IT environment;

·      Usage trends by groups and demographics; and

·      Least consumed resources 

Our recent ebook enlists the benefits of software and computer lab hardware tracking for colleges and universities. Here's what it talks out in a snapshot:

·      Software applications to be tracked;

·      Real-time data that drives decision-making;

·      How can the said data be leveraged for advanced insights; and 

·      Other benefits of software and hardware tracking 

Use LabStats to maximize resource consumption without exceeding budget. With LabStats, you can get and share real-time data that can be utilized for hardware and software distribution. 

Call +1-208-473-2222 or send a mail to for a free trial today.


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