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Subtitle Fast..Furious.5.2011.480p.BDRip.XviD.A... !!LINK!!

Languages Available in: The download links above has Fast Five (Fast & Furious 5: The Rio Heist)subtitles in Arabic, Bengali, Big 5 Code, Brazillian Portuguese, Burmese, Chinese Bg Code, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Farsi Persian, French, Greek, Greenlandic, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Sinhala, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese Languages.

subtitle Fast..Furious.5.2011.480p.BDRip.XviD.A...

I must admit I am disappointed that mkv chapter support has still not been addressed, as this should be a very basic feature to implement and one that many other players on the market supports. That combined with support for forced subtitles in mkvs (which slowly players are starting to support) would provide a complete solution for the many mkv users out their. Overall once again the Smart D1 hit a home run playing back my various test files.

Overall I feel that HDI has another winner with the Smart D1 and others in the Smart series. Continued work should be focused on forging online content partnerships, enhancing the stock UI, and bringing new features to their players (such as source direct, mkv chapter support, and mkv forced subtitle support to name a few). For my setup my top priority is flawless playback of my local content (in particular HD content) with an emphasis on Audio and Picture Quality, and the Smart D1 does not disappoint.

I think the beta fw had a bug where if you played back DVDs (ripped or disc) the audio would stutter. This issue was fixed with the IP firmware. It appears there is one bug with the IP firmware where if you have PGS subtitles in mkvs it craps out (it is a little confusing though as the IP fw I have does not have this bug but the newer IP fw does). None of these issues may affect you though.

I hope the answer I want to buy dune hd smart d1 But I have questions1- Can Buy dune hd smart d1 or dune BD Prime 32- What is the best in terms of quality dune or popcorn hour3- Do you want full BluRay menus (dune hd smart d1)4- Do you support the Arabic subtitle (srt)

Hi Tim,The Dune will bitstream without any issue or need for any extra steps. As far as subtitles the dune will recognize srt but it does not respect the forced subtitle flag in mkvs, so you will need to keep subtitles turned on to cycle through.

Wow, sounds like it does pretty much everything but recognizing forced subtitles. May I ask what type of external HDD you are using? I was using a Western Digital My Book 2 TB playing ripped ISO files through my Oppo BDP-93 but it failed after only 4 days use.

2) This is not related to 1080p videos. Instead this is related to using 1080p IDX/SUB subtitles. Blu-rays use 1080p PGS subtitles which work fine. IDX/SUB subtitles are actually the standard subtitle format for DVDs. In their standard format (480p) they play fine. If the user has them in 1080p IDX/SUB format the subtitles will not appear

Also I use a lot of external subtiles (srt and sub files) with my AVI and MKV files, will the Dune allow me to load these files and allow me to edit the sync of the subtitles? For example I can edit the timing on a sub file in GOM Player on my PC by seconds so it syncs with the video.

The dune D1 does NOT support 3D playback. It even makes a mess of quasi 3D in SBS, subtitles go all over the place. I think dune wants to cash out its newest mediaplayers by keeping all other (very expensive but older) players out-of-date!!

I do not agree with your reply! 3D support for me means recognizing SBS as a format (which the builtin player of my TV can!) and put the subtitles below both of the separate screens. The Dune player does the dummest thing, putting the subtitle below both of the screens. For me this means that it does NOT recognize 3D generated as the two separate screens but just another type of wider screen. This is NOT a hardware-issue, but can easily be done in the software!! So yet again this means: NO 3D support!! Interested to now about developments of the Sigma chip, but last uear Ive paid more than 260 Euros for a mediaplayer that is NOT up-tp-date.

Thank you for your quick response!! Firstly, realD 3D is, what I now understand, a format that cannot be encoded in a video-file and is not available in BluRay 3d even. So that is a bit of a cat in the bag, so to speak.. Furthermore, putting a subtitle below both of the seperate left-right screens is. as I see it, a matter of software. The TV will just shift both screens together in one 3D screen. Windows mediaplayer on my PC, for example is easily capable of doing this! When I connect my PC to the TV it works like a breeze!!The real problem is that the Dune mediaplayer does not interprate a bigger resolution (like in the SBS format) as a 3D format but just passes it through as a wider/higher screen. For me this means, no intelligence in handling of a specific format!! Why not make an option like: project a subtitle below left-right/up-down screen??

I do not want to zoom into details like subtitling or specific formats, but at least I want to conclude:- realD is not a usable format for somebody who want to play a blu-ray ISO and the playyer cannot even convert SBS format to realD- the messed up subtitle shows that the Dune D1 has no builtin intelligence recognizing SBS movies as a specific format

Regarding the Dune, that is my point as well, it does nothing to recognize/interpret the 3D format, it just simply passes as is. Most of the other players I have tested handle this way. In general subtitles can be a hot mess for many players, so I am not surprised that 3D subtitles would be handled even more poorly.

So in theory, the Dune and others handle 3D (sbs). Now whether of not it actually handles well is another issue altogether (subtitles are not a big issue for me unless we are talking forced subs, but I completely understand that for others proper subtitle support is critical)

Dear Defunkt,The TV has not so much to do with this. The problem is in the Dune player, that has to put a subtitle below seach part of the SBS OU screen. The TV mixes these to screens to a 3D output. Im also very astonished about this shortcoming in such an expensive mediaplayer!

The one item that I really hope Dune addresses ASAP is mkv chapter support, as this is a pretty basic feature that I see supported on many players currently in the market. Adding support for 1080p IDX/SUB subtitles would be nice but in the long run probably not important now that PGS subtitle support has been added. Otherwise the Dune played like a champ, with the only hiccup I encountered was due to one of the drives on my WHS crashing (yikes!).

Yes, subtitles in m2ts and mkv files are supported. In a BluRay folder rip (m2ts) forced subs will be displayed correctly without user intervention. In an mkv forced subtitles are not displayed unless subtitles are turned on by the user

The PCH C-200 has been able to bitstream HD Audio all along, but only from BluRay structures. With recent updates it can now bitstream HD Audio from standalone files (such as mkv and m2ts as well). As far as subtitles I am not sure as I only use internal subtitles when needed (forced subtitles) 041b061a72


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