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Few of Disney's live-action remakes have made the same cultural impact as the original animated films they've derived from, and sadly, 2020's Mulan was no exception to that rule. Liu Yifei portrays the titular heroine Hua Mulan, who disguises herself as a man in order to take her ailing father's place in China's army against a coming invasion. The movie makes some changes from the original Mulan, such as changing the villains to warlord Bori Khan (played by the show-stealing Jason Scott Lee) and sorceress Xianniang (Gong Li), along with Mulan herself being a formidable warrior since she was a child. Unfortunately, the script is flat and the action scenes register little impact. Jet Li's portrayal of China's Emperor is inexplicably dubbed, and he's decidedly underutilized, while the more prominent Donnie Yen isn't given much to work with either as Commander Tung. In the end, Mulan is one of the least memorable Disney live-action remakes.

Heroine Movie Download Hd Utorrent

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