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How do you choose the perfect Matching Couple Rings. From the design to the measurements!

Engagement rings represent the love, devotion and loyalty that a couple shares. However, the shape and design of the ring have additional symbols that many couples include when making a ring or choosing the perfect ring that represents their relationship.

The meaning behind the Matching Necklaces

Archduke Maximilian gave his fiancee Mary de Burgundy the first diamond engagement ring in 1477. Engagement rings prior to 1477 were composed of metal bands (iron was used by commoners, while sterling silver was used by the royals) or lesser-priced gemstones. Engagement rings with diamond solitaires are the most popular choice for many couples today, but other gemstones are becoming increasingly popular.

In the beginning the ring was not just represented the status of the woman who was promised to a man however, the quality of the jewelry indicated the social standing and the prosperity of her husband.

The ancient Romans believed that the left ring finger was home to the "vena Amoris" or love vein that connected directly to the hearts. Other ancient cultures, like the Egyptians have also employed this symbols, and the practice continues to be used today for both wedding rings and engagement rings. Wedding rings are put first on the left ring finger, to be close to the heart.

Read our guide to discover which finger you should put your ring on.

The circle and the engagement ring

Engagement rings are in essence rings made of metal. the circle is a sacred geometrical symbol. The circles are neither finished or beginning, and they represent eternality, renewal and perfection. The circles are also symbolic of the moon, the sun, and the planets. They unite all life, just as an engagement ring can.

Double ceremony of ringing

In the United States, the double ceremony was popularized during World War II when many young men had to leave behind their wives, girlfriends and friends. In a double-ring ceremony both women and men receive wedding rings. In past traditions only the bride was given the ring.

The exchange of rings became the symbol of fidelity and respect in marriages, instead of property.

It is now becoming more and more common for men to wear engagement rings as a sign that they are committed to a proposal. Most couples celebrate the double ring ceremony and the popularity of rings for engagements by men is rising to enhance the meaning.

The meaning of the engagement ring

Many couples select engagement rings that are steeped in personal symbolism. For instance, Celtic engagement rings have distinct designs, with knots from the family and traditions of the ethnic, while antique rings can be family heirlooms that carry on personal traditions. Designer engagement rings often have unique elements, such as delicate filigree designs that write out data or words as well as unique settings that can be used to incorporate the couple's own preferences for personal significance. There are many kinds of rings to look at in our article.

Another way to incorporate personal symbols in rings is to incorporate multiple diamonds. Engagement rings that have three diamonds in different shapes that represent the past, present, and future stages of a couple's relationship is a great example.

Engraving engagement rings is another way to add symbolism to jewelry. While some traditions believe that engraving the circle of the ring brings bad luck due to the fact that it symbolizes weakness of the metal (there is no difference in actual strength or durability) Others believe that engraving adds an element of personalization and intimacy to the ring and creates the bond between.

Whatever the customization there is no doubt that the significance of the engagement ring is crucial in deciding the ring for the bride and groom. No matter if I select an old-fashioned diamond solitaire ring to honor traditions or a heritage ring to celebrate family or a brand new ring with symbolic personal elements, the most important thing is that the ring symbolizes love, honor, and commitment to those that will be sharing it.

For centuries, the lavishness of an engagement ring was meant to be an indicator of the wealth and capacity of a husband to care for his wife, since women usually could not own property and depended on their husbands' help. We're pleased to say that we've come a very long way since when we first started. Modern couples are discovering new and innovative ways to personalize engagement traditions for the 21st century.

Why give a diamond ring for an engagement ring?

You can find a ring to suit any style, personality or taste.

There are numerous options for engagement rings. You can pick from a variety of colors stones or diamonds or a ring with three stones, or a ring that has stones throughout the entire perimeter. Another option is to select a diamond band as your engagement ring. What is the best method to go about it? Take a look at these suggestions.

Solitaire: all eyes on the diamond

With solitaire diamond engagement rings it is the diamond that steals the show, since it is the show. This ring is beautiful, simple appearance. It is a symbol that speaks directly to the person wearing it. The diamond is able to sit atop a plain or ornate ring, but the stone is an individual piece.

With a solitaire ring you're most likely to invest more money in the diamond than in the ring itself.

Think about a solitaire engagement ring for the following reasons:

Solitaire rings can be "dressed up" with other rings or an elegant wedding ring.

Buy a diamond you would like to be seen with.

The simplicity and classic elegance of solitaire diamond rings suit any woman's style and character.

Remember: "A diamond will last forever". This implies that the durability, rarity and pureness of the diamond are linked to the sanctity and permanence of your wedding. Therefore the diamond engagement ring is an indication of your commitment to the woman you love. However, it's also an unspoken acknowledgment of your love for her.

How to select an engagement ring for your girlfriend:

Give her an engagement ring with diamonds to show your love and commitment.

Be real

Honesty is the best policy

Be vulnerable and let your voice be heard.

Even if you are scared of being vulnerable, it's the vulnerability that brings the deepest feelings of love and affection. Tell her how you feel about her choosing to be your wife, but also how you feel about the privilege of being her husband, and your dreams for the future.

You should anchor your dreams and emotions to the diamond engagement ring. One theory is that the engagement ring represents the circle of love that you share.

A diamond engagement ring is also believed to symbolize the circle of life. In addition, it signifies your desire to spend the rest of your life with her. In this case, observing the demands of one another can help you create a happy marriage.

First, buying an engagement ring is an important step in your growth as couple. It's because it means your relationship goes to the next level of commitment. In this way, you are moving forward in your relationship.

The symbol of the diamond engagement ring can improve your life because of the significance it holds for your relationship. Because an engagement ring symbolizes the bond between you and the beauty you see in your relationship.

So, when he sees the diamond, it would be enjoyable to hear the sound of your voice whispering "I love you" because that is the real meaning behind an engagement ring.


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