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Inspired by Edinburgh’s unique police box heritage, the collective Early Career Creatives are organising the Policing Art Exhibit which will creatively respond to and display art on police boxes in March 2021.

Isabel McLeish is an artist based in Western Scotland and is looking to invite others to participate remotely in a collaborative sculpture piece to display on a police box in Edinburgh.

The Policing Art event will coincide with the spring equinox on the 20th March. The equinox represents balance as the length of day and night is equal. With more sunshine and life emerging, spring symbolises renewal, new beginnings,
love, joy, growth and hope. There will be a magical blossoming of new things
to come.

You are invited to create a flower(s) of your choice which could be real or
imaginary and made out of fabric or weatherproof recycled materials. You are
welcome to incorporate a wish or message in your flower which you could stitch or fasten in some way. Your flowers will be posted to Isabel who will gather

the submissions to create a collaborative sculptural bouquet which will then be displayed on an Edinburgh police box. The piece will be a symbolic gesture for welcoming a fresh start as well as expressing gratitude and hopes for the future.

To take part please visit:
Please send any questions via email to:

Deadline for submissions: 27th February 2021

Please send any questions via email to:

Deadline for submissions: 27th February 2021



It's the philosophy we live by.

As creatives we often find ourselves having to do it all by ourselves: research, development, finding opportunities, promotion. It can be overwhelming and lonely.

By coming together we can achieve far more. We can pool skills, learn from each other and offer each other the support we need.



Want to be part of an upcoming project or exhibit, perhaps you would like to organize one yourself?

First time exhibitors are very welcome, but you don't have to be a first timer, we welcome more experienced creatives and keen to make use of your skills.

Sculpture: Mx Box by Diana Calthrop

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